Why Law College Durgapur (LCD)

Law College Durgapur is first and oldest self financing law college under the University of Burdwan. The College has started its functioning in the year 2004 and the first batch initiated in the year 2005. The college has got the approval from the university of Burdwan and now also to the Kazi Nazrul University w.e.f. 23/06/2015 and the Bar Council of India and the Department of Higher Education to conduct 5 Year B.A. LL.B. (H), 3 Year LL.B. (H) and 2 Year MSW course and 1 Year Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law.

Law college Durgapur (LCD) stresses in various Students Activities which assists students in obtaining practical and other knowledge also, viz.,

Moot Court


In Moot Court students are assigned with the current socio-legal problems in order to develop their personality and to mould their faculty of reasoning. With this process the students are attuned with the propensity to face every socio-legal problem as being a responsible citizen as well as competent member of the legal domain for their skillful advocacy while they would keep pace in the mainstream of the society.

Legal Aid Camp


As being part of the curricular students as a routine task organize Legal –Aid Camp with the full co-operation of this Institution at the remote rural areas of the locality to enlighten other members of the society who are legally illiterate and also to satisfy their inquisitive minds to search out about emergence of new socio-legal problems.

Fresher's Welcome etc.


Being the traditional part of the culture students also conduct the Programmes like welcoming the beginners to this course as well as bid farewell to their loved seniors in every year. Apart from, that they also participate in the yearly conducted Sports & Games, Social Programmes etc.

Law College Duragpur (LCD) also provides various facilities, viz

Halls of Residence :-

Students hailing from distant locality can avail of the accommodation provided by the Management within the College Campus.

Bank :-

Within the campus area there is a Nationalized Banking institution namely, BANK OF INDIA, RAJBANDH BRANCH, WEST BENGAL which can conveniently be availed of by the students for their financial transaction.

Health Check-up Unit :-

For keeping up the hygienic and healthy conditions of residence there is the regular vigilance of the concerned Management with a routine task of health-check up of the students by the Qualified Medical Practitioner once in a week.

However, there is also the provision of emergency services in case of any the crucial point of time

  • Sports & Games : – There is the facility of Annual Sports and Games wherein the students of this institution along with the students of other Institutions participate.
  • Internet facilities : – In Library there is enough space and provisions for the students to browse the Internet to upkeep themselves with the recent developments of the day-to-day affairs and the achievements /developments thereafter.
  • Facilities for Seminar / Conference : – As a schedule of every academic year three or four Seminars are being conducted by the Institution wherein every student is to remain present.  The Seminar /Conference is held in respect of current legal disputes wherein the presence of the Resource Persons and the deliberations in the given context enrich the students substantially.
  • Concessional facilities on Ship, Rail & Air : – Facilities of concession on ship, Rail and Air travels are provided to the very bonafide and eligible students.

100% Job Assistance in MSW course and considerable assistance in Law courses.

Assistance in Admission Test for Law Courses conducted by the University.

100% Assistance for Government Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC & Minority Students.

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