Teacher-In-Charge's Desk

The study of Law has become inevitable in the backdrop of today’s scenario in India. The growing atrocities over women and children have snatched the sleep of the civilized society. The discipline of Law orderly guides the society which becomes instrumentality in keeping peace and harmony in and around us.The study of Law entails discipline strength in every youth and old. Law is a product of the society and thus it must be enriched among the people of the society. An intention and aptitude to obey the law can only be harnessed by training, formal or informal, of the people at large. Moreover being a civilized citizen it is everyone’s duty to distribute justice and to raise voices against injustice, which one can know only by becoming a literate in law.

Apart from the social necessity, it has become a very valuable carrier. Advocates in profession as well as in other avocations have a high degree of prestige and honors. Various carriers has been opened up in the horizon of the new millennium. Thus the study of law carries with it hues and colors to a bright legal future carrier.

Social work is such a subject which has also become an inevitable subject matter in to-days’ society. Without the indolent work of the social workers society can not progress in the right direction. Hence the course of MSW brushes up those youth who feel for others and desires to iron out the creases of the society to open up new vista in the gloomy society. Law and Social Work walk hand in hand to make the society worth living for others. From the point of view of carrier MSW has an ever growing demand. With the increase of the society it is becoming almost impossible for the government alone to manage every corner and therefore there are encouragement by the government which has added to the growing demand of this course in recent time.

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