Process of Teaching & Learning

Most modern technical know-how is followed in the teaching learning process. Department of Social Work believes that education is dialectical and continuous process. Planning of social work education is unending process, the knowledge of a teacher should become a part of the cognitive universe of the common people and his knowledge should be contributed for improving the quality of life. The teachers have to make some choices; the dead-wood of knowledge has to be chopped off and modern, up-to-date and relevant knowledge should be emphasized. Continuous renovations and innovation in the knowledge field emerge as an important and valuable endeavor. New innovative methods and tools like computer, internet, projector (LCD and Overhead), case-study are common practice here.

The Department of Master of Social Work conducts an orientation session in the first two days meeting with the students in the Department, where the students are acquainted with the knowledge of social work profession. Regular academic classes are conducted for five days a week. Students are also exposed to field work practice in both open community and agency set up under expert supervision.

Seminars on Social issues, remedial teaching, tutorials and special classes are some of the modes of scientific methodology of teaching. Basic rule and belief behind the process of teaching is “QUALITY IS CREATED” from the very beginning in the college, and it is our firm belief that our students will experience success with dignity at every steps of their professional as well as personal arena.

Some Non-Traditional Steps for Quality Education

  • Monthly Class Test (In every alternate month)
  • Terminal Test (Two)
  • Remedial Class (Beyond regular class time, for doubt clear)
  • Special Class (For revision & clarity of regular class)
  • Monthly Seminar (By Sr. Professor, Sr. Advocate and Judges etc.)
  • Moot Court (Regular Practical training underable guide of Retd.Judges/Sr. Lawyers).
  • Regular Case Preparation including Pre-trial Preparation.
  • Dramatisation on real case.

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